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Dynamics AX over NAV, what are the factors in play?

By admin | Comments: 0 | October 14, 2016

Microsoft, the home to the Dynamics ERP suite of products describe both Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV as end to end comprehensive ERP solutions with the ability to manage complex supply chains and inventory, great strap line, right? So what does make a company go for AX over NAV; let’s take a look at both solutions:

NAV geared toward the small to midsize companies with an international presence, NAV can be scaled to keep up pace with the with the goals of the organisation and NAV makes this straightforward.

AX was designed for large enterprises with big international presence, companies with the challenges of multiple countries, languages and currencies. AX is equipped with the right tools to address these size and scale challenges of enterprise organisations.

Both solutions are designed for companies who want to be big, scale their deployments and grow without the burden of an underperforming ERP platform. Both solutions will provide superior business intelligence and analytics and both are flexible and adaptable to ever changing market demands.

AX is far more complex and challenging to implement, requiring clear process and guidance, whilst NAV can be deployed relatively quicker with a smaller team. But the biggest factor in choosing AX over NAV is scalability, it’s not about where you are now, it’s about laying the foundations for where you’ll be in the future, we’re talking very long term investment, 10-year plan not the next 12-months. Yes, NAV can also be scaled but Dynamics AX, NAVs grown up big brother can take companies over and beyond the next level.

Investment in money and time is key to an ERP platform implementation, but before deciding on your platform, think 10-years big not 12-months big.


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