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The benefits of being an IT contractor

By admin | Comments: 0 | December 26, 2016

There’s little question that being an IT contractor can be a tough business to get into, but there’s also a reason that so many are enticed by it in the first place – it comes with a bag full of benefits not accessible to traditional employees. While there’s plenty of other considerations to bear in mind before making the jump, taking a long hard look at the good things that await you might just give you some of the inspiration you need.


The first reason, freedom, is one of the big ones. As an independent IT contractor, you’re able to decide most everything about your working life, including how much you work, where and when. You’re no longer bound to company annual leave policies or blackout dates – if you’ve worked hard enough during one portion of the year, you have the freedom to spend another portion of the year however you see fit.

Be your own boss

Autonomy is one thing people usually have to sacrifice when they take a position in a company. Contractors regain their sense of autonomy by becoming their own boss. There’s no one above you that you need to please, no dress code handed down by others, no meetings – you get to set out your working life exactly as you please.

More money

There’s no guarantee that you’ll instantly make money just by becoming an independent contractor, but there is plenty of scope to. For starters, you’ll be getting paid per hour at a much higher hourly rate than a salaried employee would. Working 35 hours per week as a contractor would be much more lucrative than the same number of hours working for a company. Also, you’ll be paying less in tax, boosting your income even further.


There is no long term routine for an independent contractor. Their working life can change multiple times a year as they take on new projects, during which they experience different working environments and also handle a greater range of tasks. After a few years of contracting, it may well be that your CV is much more diverse than that of a regular employee.

Ultimately, there are many benefits to being an IT contractor. So, if you’ve decided this is for you, we wish you the best of luck!

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